We are ready to enjoy each day

After finding out that Rylie’s oncologist was leaving actually 12/31/19 was her last day .. And Rylie’s 2nd Listeria vaccine in a seris of 3 shots , which they told me they don’t have anymore vaccine for her to finish the seris.  I got on the phone and called the company Aratana Therapeutics and basically the license expired in 2019 so until this vaccine becomes commercially available the only chance we have is to find another clinic that participated in the study and see if they have any vaccine left.
Another work day spent calling around the country, well only the north east really since were outside of Boston Mass. In my search I find that a NY  clinic that stopped giving this due to concerns regarding the strain.. Now this is news to me. I find a clinic in CT that does have some left and will take Rylie when she is due at the end of January. so off I go getting records sent down to this clinic it would  be a 3 .5 hour drive one way but were set we have the appt on a Friday am and we can stay the night close by just to make sure all is well after her procedure.
After sleeping on this for a night I decide maybe we should do chest xray’s first to see where we are.  If Rylie’s Lungs have metastasized then its no point to do this trip. I call her old oncology clinic and see who is taking on her doctors patients and if we can get a set of chest xray’s.  The clinic director gets on the phone and just wanted to let me know that sure they can do that , and she did send Rylie’s records down to CT however the vaccine this clinic has is NOT the same Strain that Rylie got!!!!! the only other clinic in the country that has the same strain is Philadelphia. So this now would become an 8-10 hour trip.. I am still waiting to see if they have any vaccine left however for now I think Rylie is going to have to be good with the 2 vaccines she received.
We hope this is good enough with the other protocols were doing.. some holistic approaches and Chinese medications. We are ready to enjoy each day and hope that the lungs are still clear !

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  1. Pawesome advocacy for Rylie! And your attitude is wonderful too. With or without that next vaccine, she has a huge head start and every chance to kick cancer’s butt for a long, long time.

    She looks GREAT!

    I heard some murmurings about a clinic pulling from the trial. Would you mind Private Messaging me? I’m interested in finding out more. Thanks!

    1. If I knew how to do that I would 🙁 I don’t have a lot of info.. from what I found out different clinics got different strains of the listeria for the vaccine it seems.. I do know the one clinic that stopped giving in 6 months ago in New York.. she told me it wasn’t worth the risk and has some unintended side effects that’s all I heard..
      I know the both times that Rylie got it her temperature actually dropped to 97 this is why we went to ER after the first vaccine.. I had put a blanket in the dryer and wrapped her in that by the time we got to the ER Clinic her temp was low normal. The 2nd vaccine same thing – even though fever is suppose to be one of the side effects this low temp happened 2 days later. For the 2nd one I did the same heated blanket for a couple hours and then she bounced back, we didn’t end up having to go to Emergency at all. There is the Yale Vaccine people are doing , I don’t know if we will do that or not, a lot depends on her next set of chest x-rays

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