A race against the monster Osteocarcinoma

Rylie’s xrays alone was not a diagnosis.  The area of concern wasn’t definitive.  That means a bone aspirate or bone biopsy or wait and repeat x-rays while if this was osteo the cancer would continue to liquefy her bone at a rapid speed. I felt the pressure and the need to be as least invasive as I could in case this was the deadly cancer osteocarcinoma.  While calling all over for appointments as soon as I could I ended up with an appt at Angell in 5 weeks out, an appt at Blue Pearl 4 weeks out and one at Tufts 2.5 weeks out. We took the Tufts appt.    As I sit to write this it was only 3 weeks ago but feels like a lifetime ago .   Calling surgeons and oncologist to try to get appt’s for something I am only hoping is a bone spur or a mistake. Finally though I could do something rather than look at her and cry , I was being put into action to help my girl and this I can do. I needed the task to be busy and feel like i was helping her.

Fast Forward to the Monday appt at Tufts for a recheck. We get in and discuss with ortho surgeon what has been going on and how I didn’t want to do a bone biopsy unless it was needed.  Surgeon suggested a needle aspirate less invasive and felt she would definitely get a result. While Rylie was having her sedated x-rays , my friend Terry and I had lunch went shopping and got the call that Rylie was done and we could head back to Tufts.  We get to the room and Surgeon comes in they were all laughing and joking and Im thinking ok good this is nothing.  Then the X-rays show up on the monitor it is most likely OSA the area is much larger, also the aspirate she said the bone was already very soft and mushy.  So she recommended Amputation and she could do that in 4 days later on Friday. She would call with aspirate results the next day in the am.

We got home settled in for dinner and the phone rang, this was Tufts the cytology was back and confirmed diagnosis for OSA. Once this was the actual diagnosis I wanted that limb off ASAP. They were able to do the surgery the next day!

3 thoughts on “A race against the monster Osteocarcinoma”

  1. Kristen, I’m so sorry to hear about the diagnoses. I know that it is devastating and having to wait for the amputation can make it more difficult. I remember when my vet told me that they assumed my cat Mona had a fibrosarcoma from a vaccine that I just wanted the cancer gone. Thankfully her surgery was the next day. It is a whirlwind going through all of this from diagnoses to surgery to recovery. Take care of yourself. Looking forward to photos of Rylie!
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. it sure is … I am amazed how in less then 4 weeks all we have gone through its so emotionally and physically exhausting.

  2. Oh wow. You are such a great parent to Rylie, I love that you checked into so many great clinics to find one that could tackle the diagnosis asap. Great job!

    I’m sorry that you are dealing with this. It’s not easy, but we are glad we could be here for you both. Tufts is a great institution, like one of the best. Your pup is in great hands.

    Please keep us posted on how things are going. We’ll be awaiting a pupdate.

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